Professional HOT DTF Printers with factory price manufacturers

Professional HOT DTF Printers with factory price manufacturers

Professional HOT DTF Printers with factory price manufacturers.
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Focus Inc. Nebula-62F Specifications
Printing method   Piezo ink-jet technology
Print headStandard cofiguration   2/4pcs*4720/I3200 Piezo print head
Number of nozzles   6400 staggered,  400 x 16 rows  (400 x 8 rows per each head)
Jetting frequency   21.6~43.2kHz
Drop volume   5.0-12.5pl (Variable data single drop & multi drop) 2~4 Grayscale
Print resolution (dots per inch)   720*1200dpi; 720*1800dpi,720*2400dpi;  Uni-direction/Bi-dirction
Print Head mainten technology   Auto keep wet cap station system & Clean flashing during printing and idle
Media typeRoll feed media   Film, paper, leather etc with thickness less than 3mm
MediaMaximum printing width   600mm Width X, Roll feed Y
Film typeDTF film    Professional Release liner DTF film
Transfer media Garment transfer   Cotton, Nylon, Linen, Polyester, Chemical fiber, Leather etc.
Film FeedingAutomatic Release   Automatic tenssion release roller
Film Take upAutomatic Take up   Automatic detect electronic take up Roller
Film vacuum systemAutomatic adsorption   Automatic adsorption aluminum vacuum table
Film sizeRoll type   600mm*100meter/Roll
InkType   Aqueous DTF pigment ink
Color   KCMY+W
Ink tank capacity   1000ml per each color
Ink process unitWhite ink Stirring   Automatic white ink stirring system
White ink circulation   Automatic white ink circulation system
Powder typeHot melt powder   Grossus, Medium, Fines
Powder dustingAutomatic detect   Automatic detect & Speed adjustable
Powder melt bakingHot melt   Far infrared rays baking @ Speed adjustable
DimensionsMachine size        Printer:  71.6(W) × 28.4(D) × 59.8(H) in.   (1820 × 720 × 1520mm)                    
        Powder process system:   51.2(W) × 35.8(D) × 41.3(H) in.  (1300 × 910 × 1050mm)   
Packing size   Printer packing:  38.2(W) × 24.0(D) ×25.2(H) in.   (1920 × 820 × 700mm)                    
   Powder process system packing:   54.3(W) × 37.4(D) × 48.8(H) in.  (1380 × 950 × 1240mm)   
WeightNet weight   451 lb (205 kg) for All
Gross weight   715 lb (325 kg) for All
EnvironmentTemperature   59 to 86 °F (15 to 30 °C)
Humidity   40 to 80 %
    Working Power   Printer 300W, Powder process system 1300W
Included items   Enthernet cable, cleaning kit, USB Flash of software etc.
Connectivity   Enthernet cable
Power requirements  10A Single-phase 220 V, 50HZ
Acoustic noise level  75 dB (A) or less
Software System Requirements
Print controlSystem   Windows® 7/10 (64 bit)  Recommend
(Bundled)CPU   Intel® Core™ i5, 2.5 GHz or more
RAM   8 GB or more
Video card and monitor   A resolution of 1,152 × 854 with 16 bit color or higher
HDD   Install space 1 GB or more
   Working space 100 GB

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