• Focus Digital Technology Co., Ltd (Online register checking). was set up in Shanghai, China. Which is the manufacturer to create and produce the best and potential DTG direct to garment printer, digital LED-UV flatbed printer, pretreatment machine, CTS computer to screen imaging system, signs &adverting products for the customers. We’ve been positioning on Ready-To-Print solution. We had focus in this digital printing field for 17 years. We supply all products by the reasonable price and real-time support lean upon our own production line, professional experience, strict parts purchase channel and altitudinal responsible action, we focus on the market to provide the latest major news and create the profitable products, our experiential support team gather all the technique and receive the newest training timely to provide the best support.
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      We had focus in this digital printing field for 17 years.
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    For save customer's time and energy, we provide the "ONE STOP" service that includes Call center register, Question require, Problem handling, Online diagnosis ,Spare parts shipping and return forwarding.
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